Apply online.

We need... you!

Are you over the age of 16?

Do you like making and want to help the community?

Do you like helping others?

Do you like the atmosphere of events?

Are you available on a Saturday in May?

York MakerFest is recruiting volunteers to make a team of helpful, friendly volunteers to help the event run as smoothly as possible. Some of the roles are only for part of the event so you can still attend and have a go at making before or afterwards. Other roles are for the whole event so if you want to help others, it’s the role for you! You could be part of the parking team, the front of house team, or walking about making sure everything runs smoothly! There is a role for all. You can apply online and we will be selecting people to become part of the team. If you don’t get selected, you will still be on our lists if someone else drops out, and it’s not because you wouldn’t make a great team member, it’s because we have randomly selected volunteers for the role as more people have applied than required.

If you have any queries get in touch and good luck!

Luke & Jeremy

York MakerFest organisers